Scientific Musicals

January 2023 Issue

Operas, concerts, performances, music videos, chants and spoken word - we present to you "Scientific Musicals" to kick off this new year. Moving away from the passive score, the music is in the propeller of these narratives. Our musicians - animals, human, plants, machines and hybrids - are expressing themselves in response to their situations. What happens when we migrate from speech to song? Do musicals need to be harmonious or does dissonance have its place in the musical genre. A sonic rupture indicates a gaping wound in our bleeding habitat. Perhaps, a world in crisis captured in images is more attuned to disturbing sonic interferences. How do we make sense of scientific practices and experiments through music.  These musicals defy the very nature of a science film or a musical or both.




Tess Martin United States 2019

8 Minutes

Tal Rosner United Kingdom 2017

Important Bird Opera

Ryan Moritz Canada, Mexico, United States 2019