2019 | Austria | Documentary,Experimental,Short

Hitting my Head on the World

  • no dialogue 13 mins
  • Director | Anna Vasof
  • Writer | Anna Vasof
  • Producer | Anna Vasof

This film is currently not available.   

I visit several cities and I hit my head on different surfaces. A microphone, which is mounted on my head, records the sound of these head-beats. A camera, located off to the side, records each action. In this way, all is made visible: the action, the sound recording, the surface upon which I hit my head, and the urban ambiance of the location. I make one episode for each city that I visit. The titles consist of the names of the cities and the word "hit". For example, "Vienna-Hit" or "Berlin Hit". For each episode a music piece is composed from the head-beats. The music is also used to structure the video editing. Each episode is around 2 minutes long. Hitting one´s head upon a wall is a worldwide known gesture. Desperate people who do not know what to do next might hit their heads against walls. This is not always literal. It is more often a metaphor for not knowing how to get around a strong sense of frustration. But if we observe this movement as an instrument, a hopeless action begins to transform into an absurd repetition. In the compositions, my head is played as instrument in multiple contradictory locations and creates an audiovisual urban "landscape" of the world. (Anna Vasof 2019)

sound experimental performance camera microphone