2018 | Spain, The Netherlands | Animation,Fiction,Experimental,Data Visualization,Music Video,Series

Global Windshield, The Musical

  • English 19 mins
  • Director | Momu & No Es
  • Writer | Momu & No Es
  • Producer | Momu & No Es

This film is currently not available.   

Global Windshield, The Musical replicates the state of hypnosis produced by the prolonged driving in a highly predictable environment in order to rethink, propose and imagine preferable futures. A trip in a scenario in completely disconnection with nature that investigates from the most human the sensation of loss of control, failure and impotence. The songs in the video explore how we ignore the signs that manifest around us to live in a world anesthetized by the promises and hopes that technologies offer us. If the traces of our past have become virtual and our present is delivered to a world whose greatest treasure is the data archived as zeros and ones. What proportion of reality remains tangible?

Travel Musical Music Song