2020 | UK | Documentary,Experimental,Archival

Twelve Thousand Years In Fragments

  • 40 mins
  • Director | Katharine Round
  • Writer | n/a
  • Producer | Disobedient Films

This film is currently not available.   

“Twelve Thousand Years in Fragments” re-imagines 12,000 years of human influence on earth as a 40-minute film "symphony" created from the materials we left behind. 

Throughout the anthropocene, humankind has collected, measured and recorded aspects of our lives and our planet - much of this information now floats freely online in archives and repositories, and on our computers and phones. 

Filmmaker Katharine Round wades into the internet’s discarded imagery to create a spontaneous montage of our digital detritus: an imperfect, fragmented picture, deconstructing the idea of “data” as an objective record and showing how it obscures, hides and presents mythical conceptions of our history and lives

The piece is set to a data sonification by composer Jamie Perera, charting the melody of human impact on earth from twelve thousand years to the present day.  

The interplay between sound, image, data, and memory, evokes a past reverberating in the present.  In this symphony from the digital wastelands, do we experience humanity’s memory, dream, or nightmare?

A subversive, surreal, kaleidoscopic fever dream. 

Twelve Thousand Years in Fragments is part of the wider “Climate Symphony” series of collaborative works.  

symphony climate archive myth history memory dream nightmare