2015 | USA | Fiction

The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes

  • English 76 mins
  • Director | Nancy Andrews
  • Writer | Nancy Andrews & Jennifer Reeder
  • Producer | Peter West, Walter Robinson, Susan Rockefeller, & Joslyn Barnes

This film is currently not available.   

Brain scientist Dr. Sheri Myes lives through a bombing that changes her forever. She is on the verge of a scientific breakthrough to revolutionize human understanding of the world, when she is fired from her job and must climb up from the bottom. In a home lab, she develops drugs and body augmentations that elevate consciousness by allowing humans to go beyond the normal human range of vision, hearing, smell and touch. Her nemesis, Dr. Evelyn White, plots to steal her research for military use. Isolated by her obsessions and blind to the love, hate and self-interest that surrounds her, she is arrested, jailed, and escapes into the unknown. A live-action, musical, animation, science-fiction, magic-realist, afro-futurist film.

lab sci-fi scientist perception nature outsider experiment ethics