Labocine SCENES is a collection of moving images that showcase science research around the world. Scientists record experiments using moving images and we present these are cinematic vignettes to our larger audience. Data captured through microscopy, simulations, behavioral studies, animal footage, field work and other forms of visual data is presented as cinematic experiences. Footage will be made available to creators, scientists and educators, keeping with our mission to take scientific footage outside of its original context and be repurposed for singular projects.

Cells in a very young leaf of thale cress, a small flowering plant related to mustard. Image credit: Carrie Metzinger Northover, Bergmann Lab, Stanford University.

We are currently creating our very first library of over 1,000 individuals Scenes. These scenes were taken by some of our favorite visual artists and scientists from around the world. They are selected based on the resolution, the cinematographic sensibility, and otherworldly attributes. Some events featured in these scenes include DNA replication, cells division, plant stem cell regrowth, the inner life of a quark particle, fluorescent nematodes and more.

Holodeck for Fish, Flies and Mice Illuminates Animal Behavior in Virtual Reality, Straw & Stowers Lab

The first Scenes collection will be published shortly.

To submit a video, contact us at: [email protected]

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