Scenes also serve as clips for teaching, documenting and preserving the accuracy of science through film.

They are precisely unedited and raw. There are meant to be recycled and repositioned into a different context in which they can be framed as cinematic experiences.

Ancient archaeological site of Moray in The Sacred Valley

Andean agriculture is one of the best examples of the adaptation and knowledge of farmers to their environment for more than 5000 years. Actual presence of indigenous agricultural knowledge includes terraces, ridges fields, local irrigation systems and traditional agricultural tools, crops and livestock spread at different altitudes.their knowledge also includes three main agricultural systems, each one related to the altitude: the maize area (2800-3300 m.), the potato area (3,300-3800 m.) and the livestock area with high altitude crops such as quinua, cañihua (3,800-4500 m.). To each altitude, native selected crops are cultivated.