2017 | United Kingdom | Experimental,Data Visualization

Disenchanted Island [Excerpt]

  • 3 mins
  • Director | Tal Rosner

This film is currently not available.   

In Disenchanted Island, composer Olga Neuwirth re-created the antiphonic acoustic space of the Venetian San Lorenzo church in a black-box gallery environment, webbed with multiple speakers. Tal Rosner’s digital assemblages, some simple and some complex, illustrate the soundscape with an additional perspective. Using photographic and imaginary fragments of San Lorenzo’s architecture and its surroundings as his base, he processes the forms in a way that allows new viewpoints, rooted in the principles of parametric design.

Format: 2 HD channels, 20 min. 

"Reimagining the interiors of San Lorenzo Church, unique in its acoustic qualities and alas perpetually sinking and inaccessible to visitors (including myself!), was a constraint which turned into magic. Presented with a handful of images taken a few years back, I was forced to dissect every photo and define the building blocks which will in turn recreate the microcosm of Disenchanted Island. Utilising parametric design as my guiding light, I let architectural elements inhabit the frame, multiply and reconfigure to infinity. I chose to use gravity sparsely, following the blueprint of voices and patterns in Ms. Neuwirth’s awesome composition." Tal Rosner

Olga Neuwirth, concept and music
Tal Rosner, vidéo
Gilbert Nouno, IRCAM computer music designer, in collaboration with Olga Neuwirth
Markus Noisternig, IRCAM scientific consultant
Clément Cornuau, ingénierie sonore Ircam
Louise Akili, Athos Castellan, Livia Rado, Benny Sluchin, Maarten Stragier, Andrew Watts, musicians
Léo Warynski, conductor (recordings)
With thanks to David Shepherd
Coproduction Ircam/ Centre Pompidou

Acoustic Complex Simple Form Soundscape Fragment