2009 | France | Animation,Music Video

Cantor dust man

  • French English 6 mins
  • Director | S├ębastien Loghman

This film is currently not available.   

Back in the days i used to hate it Was it the smell? Was it the taste? Well.. i had no choice for lunch Choice was for adults But that's OK, i was a child. And as i remember that time, i guess i remember a different person. Yes, i recall a different
me. By twilight On standby if i live through my past Could time forget about me? Recording recorder Forever a soliloquy Reiterative memory Chorus

Cause one memory Calls one memory Calls one memory Deeper and deeper within i realise i swallowed the world And outside is within me Chorus x2 On standby i'm slipping away Floating on the surface And the abyss opens up Diving down through my fuid Deep inside in a soft mood i reach a sweet feecy room Deeper inside, i feel safe now And i believe 'Cause i hear it calling Well, i hope 'Cause i feel it coming i'm seeking something

memory remember recall musical record