Exploring The Relationship Between Human Beings and Nature
Wangechi NgugiApril 9 2020
Migration: The 13th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
Reechal MevadaMarch 6 2020
A Guide to Play AI (humans)
Reechal Mevada March 1 2020
Culture, Health and Art in Africa
Wangechi NgugiFebruary 6 2020
Reechal Mevada January 30 2020
Megan CozensFebruary 4 2020
Love, Guest and CRISPR
Reechal MevadaDecember 20 2019
What it means to be human in the 21st century
Reechal MevadaNovember 26 2019
Dreams in African Sci-Fi
Wangechi NgugiNovember 7 2019
What's Emerged from the Symbiosis Competition at the 12th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
Alexis GambisOctober 28 2019
The Marginalized Protagonist in Kuwaiti Short Films
Zouz Al-MahdiNovember 25 2019
We and the Earth breathe together
Sidney PerkowitzOctober 11 2019
Cultural Heritage and Filmmaking in Kenya
Wangechi NgugiOctober 13 2019
Your Guide to Science at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival
Bettina BarillasAugust 29 2019
The Poetry and the Prose of Math - Part 2: Prose
Sidney PerkowitzSeptember 2 2019
The Poetry and the Prose of Math - Part 1: Poetry
Sidney PerkowitzOctober 11 2019
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