Symbiotic Affairs

October 2021 Issue

Symbiosis is very common in life. We are all a collection or micro/macro organisms that seemingly form one; these fusions enable cooperativity and survival. In many ways, the symbiotic phenomena describe our mission. We strive for more organic fusions. We truly believe that symbiotic relationships propel new changes in science and help solve the urgent issues that our generations and those to come are facing. Symbiosis implies mutual and equal collaborations rather than hierarchical ones. We are witnessing a climate crisis, animal extinction and ramping skepticism and denialism around scientific thought. Recently, the coronavirus has led to an overall world crisis and the media has not always done an effective job at communicating accurate science. We need more than ever science communicators and storytellers, especially those that can use the power of visuals and film to calm global panic, educate the larger public, inspire new decisive actions. The Symbiosis initiative is a unique incubator bringing together invited scientists and filmmakers who are paired to create science films during the length of the one-week Imagine Science Film Festival.


Tim Grabham Felipe Cardoso United Kingdom, United States 2020