2017 | France | Documentary,Fiction

The Cycle of the Slipper

  • French English 5 mins
  • Director | Arsène Chabrier, Baptiste Cleret

The science of the simple slipper and why it has become a source of inspiration for artists and a symbol for a consumer society.

Short film written and directed during the 48h film competition of Pariscience as part of Imagine Science Symbiosis Competition. 1st Prize Winner 2017.

Director: Arsène Chabrier

Scientist: Baptiste Cleret 
Actor: Sylvain Deguillame 
Assistant Production Design: Victor Billet
Camera: Lucile Prin
Sound: Titouan Dumesnil & Stephane Defossez
VFX: Julien Valverde & Arsene Chabrier
Production Assistants: Quentin Jolivet, Louise Reignier

science slipper source symbol consumer society