2014 | USA | Documentary

SUB: Are hipsters becoming a subspecies of humans?

  • English 6 mins
  • Director | Charlotte Rabate, Sergio Botero
  • Writer | Charlotte Rabate, Sergio Botero
  • Producer | Charlotte Rabate

Are hipsters becoming a subspecies of humans? What is life expectancy? How do they dress? How fast does their beard grow?

In the spirit of Jean Rouch's Chronicles of a Summer, anthropologist Eleanor Drew goes on an exploration into the unknown and conducts interviews with bypassers to understand the the rising population of hipsters in Brooklyn. And of course, she gathers as much hair samples as possible.

Imagine Science Film Festival SYMBIOSIS Competition 2014

Filmmaker- Charlotte Rabate
Scientist- Sergio Botero

Prompt: Coat Color is not an Indicator of Subspecies Identity in Colombian Woolly Monkeys

Prop: Time Piece
Line of Dialogue: “They said it would be ready at noon.”
Character: Eleanor Drew, Principal Investigator

field work hipster monkey species speciation style anthropology extinction Brooklyn hair neanderthal