2015 | USA | Documentary

Empty Space

  • English English 5 mins
  • Director | Steve Gong, Zephyr Peynore

Steve believes that everything is Science, and that lines drawn between disciplines are man-made.  He studied biology and psychology at the University of Virginia before pursuing graduate studies in photojournalism at the University of the Arts London.  Steve’s film “Pyongyang Style” was broadcast around the world as undercover photojournalism of North Korea under Kim Jong-il, featuring a civilian hairdresser giving Steve a Pyongyang-style haircut.

Zephyr Penoyre is doing a PhD in astrophysics at Columbia University. He grew up in London and previously studied in Cambridge, neither of which you can see the night’s sky from. Instead he became fascinated with crashing galaxies into each other but polite society dictated he keep such activities confined to simulations. When he’s not building universes and exercising his god complex he’s often found talking and writing about popular science, encouraging kids to think about higher education or at one of the other corners of the globe.

Astronomy Dark matter Dark Energy Astrophysics Scientist