2016 | USA | Fiction,Short


  • English 4 mins
  • Director | Jason Chew, Rodrigo Valles
  • Writer | Jason Chew, Rodrigo Valles

Color Condition is a glimpse into the sensory overlap experienced by someone with the neural condition, synesthesia. Synesthetics have an overlapping sensory modality in which stimulation of one sense involuntarily, and simultaneously, triggers another. However, the scientific explanation does little to describe the perceptual experience of living an existence with consistently intertwined senses. This short film captures a profound emotion, as described by a synesthetic to the viewing audience.


Him - Mike Harris

Her - Maggie Jane Tatone

Filmmaker - Jason Chew

Scientist - Rodrigo Valles

Assistant Director - Azadeh Nikzadeh

Camera Assistant - Patrick Chang

Production Sound - Jianxi Jesse Zhang

Sound Design & Music - Sean Shinwon Kim

Special Thanks

David Lara, Mike Park, Nick Clark, Goggles & Tumbleweed, Alexis Gambis, Allison Hanes, Lauren Kaye, Nate Dorr, Charlotte Salvatico, Cassandra Flores & the entire Imagine Science Team!

This film was created for the 2016 Imagine Science Symbiosis Film Competition. 

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