2018 | United States | Animation

Wearing Well

  • 1 mins
  • Director | Markos Kay, Enrico Milanese

This film is currently not available.   

Wearing well is a collaboration between Enrico Milanese, Researcher in Computational Solid Mechanics and Markos Kay, Computational Artist. The film visually reimagines Milanese's research whereby the microscopic effects of contact and wear between materials are studied through the use of high-performance computing simulations of model systems. Kay interpreted the results of these experiments by creating conceptual simulations using 3D parametric surfaces and physical engines in combination with the original simulation output data.

 Artist and scientist worked closely together to create the narrative of the film that shows the formation of particles when two surfaces are rubbed against one other. The aim is to shed light on this area of research that has far and wide implications in virtually all engineering applications: from vehicle break pads to hip joint prostheses. The underlying physics is common to all frictional systems, among which we find earthquake faults are of particular interest, sonified recordings of which can be found in the soundtrack.

created part of the 2019 Imagine Science Symbiosis initiative, supported by the Simons Foundation Science Sandbox.


data simulation engineering material friction physics
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