2019 | United States | Documentary,Experimental,Short

All We Are

  • english 4 mins
  • Director | Julia Van Etten, Marleine van der Werf
  • Writer | Julia Van Etten, Marleine van der Werf
  • Producer | Marleine van der Werf

Every life form originated from the same cells billions of years ago. First there was one cell that formed colonies, which became group of colonies that evolved into all kinds of species like trees, insects, giraffes and humans. All is connected, moves together and reacts to each other. There is no individual; we are groups of groups that form groups. One cannot be seen without the acknowledgement and existence of the other.

As a filmmaker and scientist we have so many questions about what we come from, what it means to exist, how do we form a being and what becomes of us? All these questions will mean a lifelong quest and journey, but it all starts with the fact that we as humans are 99,99999999% the same, that everything on our planet has originated from the same singular cell. Which means there is no I, but only we and we are all connected.

cellular consciousness evolution nature