2015 | USA | Experimental


  • English French 3 mins
  • Director | Danielle Parsons, Ravi Sheth

Exchange is a visual and informative illustration of air as the common bond between photosynthetic and respiratory organisms. The exchange of gases in the air -- carbon dioxide for oxygen, and oxygen for carbon dioxide -- between plants and animals is the most fundamental symbiosis on the planet.

Danielle Parsons is a visual artist, science communicator and creator of Wonder Science TV. Collaborating with scientists and artists, her goal is to make visually appealing media to engage the non-scientific community. She gravitates toward small-scale phenomena and specific topics, filming with macro lenses, optical and scanning electron microscopes. Danielle can often be found hiking the canyons of Los Angeles, photographing leaf patterns and moving stray invertebrates out of harm's way. Ravi Sheth likes building small things. A PhD student and Hertz/NSF graduate fellow at Columbia's Systems Biology department, Ravi is developing new technologies to understand and engineer communities of microbes that inhabit humans and their environments. He received his bachelors degree in Bioengineering at Rice University, where he developed synthetic signaling circuits in bacteria using genetically encoded light-switchable proteins, and founded biology and 3D printing K12 scientific outreach efforts. Outside the lab, Ravi experiments with cooking and fermenting all sorts of funky things.

ATP Energy Electron Membrane Transport Hydrogen Protons Chemical Gradient sun photosynthesis respiration