Avatars, myths, shadows, and hieroglyphs: Screens in Southeast Asia
Kirsten StrayerJuly 30 2019
Lujain IbrahimJuly 23 2019
Between Worlds
Lujain IbrahimJuly 16 2019
A thousand hoofs – Greed and the Environment
Bettina BarillasJuly 11 2019
There Will Never Be a Final Film Format (Part 2): Celluloid-Digital Collisions
Kirsten StrayerJuly 6 2019
Cinema Nostalgia
Megan CozensJuly 1 2019
There will never be a final film format (Part 1): The future of celluloid
Kirsten StrayerJune 28 2019
Stranger Than Fiction: Three True Tales From Our Archives
Bettina BarillasJune 18 2019
Unseemly: the body’s exquisite horror
Kirsten StrayerJune 4 2019
The Power of the Skin
Megan CozensMay 29 2019
Marne Lucas: A Pioneer in Infrared Experimental Art
Nathalie LaunderJune 1 2019
Human-Robot Connection
Nathalie LaunderApril 25 2019
Water Motifs
Kirsten StrayerApril 22 2019
Make Better Choices
Megan CozensApril 1 2019
On The Wings of The Monarch: Behind-the-Scenes with Labocine's First Feature
Christina LuMarch 26 2019
Can we capture the sublime? On fireflies, shrinking habitats, and the possibilities of film and video
Kirsten StrayerMarch 24 2019
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