Mixtape 23

February 2023 Issue

Mixtape is a concept that we will bring to you every February. It will include a compilation of films from our archives that range in form and shape. The issue may be experienced as a continuous program or a network of interlinked subjects. The packaging will pay tribute to the wondrous aesthetics of the mix tape cassette by proposing new cover art and customized notes. Staying truthful to the original concept, we will keep adding, deleting, revising, substracting content to the issue to create a dynamic and evolving program.

"For me, DJ culture - with its obsession with collecting records and archiving everything - predated the "cloud" concept with primitive material like the mixtape. Now we would call it "collaborative filtering" or something technical, but the impulse is the same - gather fragments, make something new. That is how you will bypass the climate-change skeptics: render them totally obsolete. " DJ Spooky


Ellie Land United Kingdom 2016


Samuel Ridgeway United Arab Emirates 2016

The Linguist

Yifan Lin China and the UAE 2022