Are You Listening?

September 2020 Issue

Sound is vibrations; waves that travel through space and time that are capable of moving matter. We make it, we perceive it, we communicate through it. Living or inerte, our sounds are unique and they define us. We are constantly surrounded by sound, but are we aware of it? Soundscapes, speech and music are examples of sounds that impact our memory, our feelings and the recognition of our surroundings. Our ability to hear can define how we interact in the world and how we are perceived. And even if we can’t hear sound, we’re able to feel it through vibration and rhythm. "Are you listening?” explores the importance of communication through sound in our world and universe, whether it be as individuals, as a society or as a planet. It aims to showcase the dynamics of communication that relies equally on the messenger and the receiver. Do we hear? and if so, are we listening?

- Cristina Suarez


Graeme Hawkins United Kingdom 2008


Alexis Gambis United Arab Emirats 2017