2014 | Canada | Experimental,Data Visualization

Sound Ecology

  • 60 mins
  • Director | Alexandra Guité

This film is currently not available.   


A web documentary on noise pollutiion and our inability to endure silence.

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Noise overload. Urban densification. Portable personal sound environments. We live in an increasingly noisy world. Sound Ecology is an interactive investigation into our sonic surroundings that aims to make the user more aware and conscious of them. The project stimulates the imagination and harnesses the very latest digital production technologies to present sound online. In so doing, it provides an unprecedented media platform for emphasizing the seriousness of noise pollution and putting it into perspective as part of a wider reflection on our relationship to sounds and to silence.

The four “soundscapes”—the term was coined by Canadian composer and environmentalist R. Murray Schafer—constitute a unique immersive experience, a playful multimedia journey. They are made up of 15 video portraits presenting various protagonists and their relationships to sounds, original sound environments, and avenues for reflection. Together they coalesce into authentic pathways that evolve and change with the user’s choices, forming an experience in itself—a true exchange between work and audience.