2012 | Canada | Experimental,Short


  • English 7 mins
  • Director | Shannon Harris
  • Writer |
  • Producer |

This film is currently not available.   

Roughly translated, “terroir” can signify both a “sense of place” as well as “coming from a place”. This piece is an image/sound portrait of personal geography as well as formal investigation of digital media. Captured entirely on a cell phone, the camera records a landscape in constant motion and disintegration. 

This fluctuating image is married to a sound-scape that grasps for connection that reaches over distance. It is generated from the messages left by friends and loved ones on my cellphone over the course of several years. The raw material of both image and sound come from the same place, the cell phone, which I use to record the environment around me as I move across the Canadian landscape. 

Rarely does one stay where one is born. Modern life necessitates movement. This piece explores notions of communication and distance, technology and intimacy.

earth ecology environment landscape work by women