2017 | Österreich | Documentary

Cry Baby, Cry

  • German, English English 80 mins
  • Director | Antonin Svoboda
  • Writer | Antonin Svoboda
  • Producer | coop99 filmproduktion (Bruno Wagner, Antonin Svoboda); coproducer: UlrichSeidlFilmProduktion

This film is currently not available.   

For more than a year CRY BABY, CRY accompanies three families with newly-born babies.

Their problems are very different: Levi has no sleep-wake rhythm, Konrad is a so-called ‘crybaby’, Lotta is constantly quite restless. Not yet able to speak a language, these babies and toddlers tell in their very own way about their birth processes and their difficult arrivals in life.

The film accompanies the parents and their babies as they work through and on the dramatic experiences of their babies’ first stage of life - in the protected space of psychotherapy. Over time, a predominantly speechless, but all the more moving dialogue enfolds between the parents, who learn to understand the expressive language of their babies better and the children, who confront their parents with their own difficulties and needs.

baby birth parentese birth trauma