After Life

October 2017 Issue

What awaits us at the end of our lives? Science offers many answers to this eternal question. Here on earth, we can look forward to the renewing release of nutrients during decomposition to, while, taking a broader view, we can consider the ultimate persistence and continual transformation of all energy in the universe. At least until entropy spreads all energy into an even, immobile layer at the end of time, or (following the opposing theory) the universe constricts and collapses to a superheated point. Closer to the present (it is October, afterall) other theorists may say: "more life" claiming death to be in fact be a curable disease. If not now, then after a few hundred years in sub-zero frozen storage, perhaps (say the cryonicists). This months program considers many such possible fates after death, from forms of remembrance and memorial (even taxidermy-- immortality for homes and museum collections!), to the surface of an autopsy table, to the mysterious mechanisms of rebirth.

Those Who Can't Die

Virginia Urreiztieta United States, Switzerland, Venezuela 2010


Amy Finkel United States 2012

Kill Me, Heal Me

David Freid United States, Taiwan 2016

Living Still Life

Bertrand Mandico France, Belgium, Germany 2012