2016 | Poland | Fiction

Second Life

  • Russian 19 mins
  • Director | Eugeniusz Pankov
  • Writer | Eugeniusz Pankov
  • Producer | Marcin Malatynski

This film is currently not available.   

Iryna Myenova decided to go to the transhuman company to sign a contract to froze her 98-year old mother. This process should happen when heart stops beating but the brain is still alive for a few minutes. She did that in hope that in the future technology would be so advanced that it will be possible to unfroze her mother and bring her back to life, later even bring her young again. Iryna also signed a contract to freeze herself also after her death. She did that to start new, better relationship with her mother, who was extremely strict and selfish. She didn't allow Iryna to have any friends or lovers, so her daughter lived her whole life with rough mother, who was the closest person to her. Right now Iryna waits for death and to be frozen and doing plans for the future with her mother.

cryonics death medical immortality freeze future resurrection family