2015 | Germany | Documentary

Formalin und Spiritus (Spirit of a Dissection)

  • German English 27 mins
  • Director | Iris Fegerl
  • Writer | Iris Fegerl

This film is currently not available.   

'Spirit of a Dissection’ is a journey to the limits of our existence started at the Anatomical Institute of Halle (Saale) in Germany. Anatomy claims to be the place “where death is pleased to help the living." This inscription at the entrance of many anatomical institutes explains the special relationship between the anatomist and the physical body. Here, the corpses of voluntary donors get dissected into their smallest units. Talking to an anatomist, her employees and body donors, ‘Spirit of a Dissection’ enrolls very personal thoughts about death and the human existence. It soon gets clear that, despite a professional distance to the corpse, the story of the body donor will always be present.

dissection doctor autopsy body scientist death anatomy bone religion