2012 | Brazil | Documentary

Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room

  • Portuguese English 12 mins
  • Director | Rafael Urban
  • Producer | Ana Paula Mágala & Rafael Urban

This film is currently not available.   

An old woman attends classes of digital photography and editing. It is not a late hobby, but a project undertaken with a clear aim in mind. The woman wants to be able to preserve the memory of her deceased husband Guido, the biggest private collector of fossils in Latin America.

“Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room is a gripping story about love, fidelity, ageing and loss – themes which are generally so difficult to honour within the constriction of short film. In this documentary, the distinction between the filmmaker and the subject of his film is a delicious mystery. An extraordinary woman creates a portrait of her extraordinary man and the life they shared, through thick and thin, across many lands and many decades.”

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