2016 | USA | Documentary


  • English, Hebrew English 25 mins
  • Director | Liron Unreich
  • Producer | Liron Unreich, Michael McDevitt

This film is currently not available.   

“Reconsolidation” begins with a clinical look into a neurological experiment as neuroscientist Dr. Daniela Schiller, labors to discover the key to rewriting fearful memories — reconsolidation. From Daniela’s research laboratory in New York she begins her personal search and returns to her native Israel to compel her elderly father to reveal his Holocaust remembrance for the first time. What follows is a haunting exploration into the nature of memory, its power, its vulnerability, its promise and its generational effect.

The film depicts the science of memory. It shows how research on the biology of memory reveals the dynamic nature and fragility of emotional memories.

Reconsolidation is the third episode in The Ripple Project series ONE.

neuroscience lab experiment fear memory reconsolidation emotion history amygdala holocaust rat rodent