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films containing keyword(s): documentary
Supercomputing and eScience
Fernando Mucchietti,
Koloni (Colony)
Gürcan Keltek
Anne Milne, James Zhao
Nick Ray Rutter
400 Years of Telescope
Kris Koenig
Primate Cinema: How to Act like an Animal
Rachel Mayeri
An Eyeful of Sound
Samantha Moore
Wide Awake
Alan Berliner
Meta 3,1/Km²
Sandro Bocci
Pun Pun Farm and a Philosophy for life
Chintan Gohil
An All-Encompassing Light
Chloe White
Collaborative Science
Alan Franks
Into Noise
Janna Kyllästinen
Lia Giraud
César Pesquera
Magnetic Movie
Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman, Joe Gerhardt)
Magnetic Reconnection
Kyle Armstrong
Other Voices
Sarah Enid Hagey
Quiet Zone
David Bryant, Karl Lemieux
Snapshot Mon Amour
Christian Bau
The Messenger
Su Rynard
Living in Space
Katre Steinbrück
Ballet Meets Robotics
Ashley Rodholm
Dinosaur Eggs in the Living Room
Rafael Urban
Love Hate and Everything in Between
Alex Gabbay