2016 | Switzerland | Experimental

Perpetual Operator

  • 20 mins
  • Director | Dominique Koch

This film is currently not available.   

The small medusa 'Turritopsis dohrnii' constitutes the central figure of the video. This enigmatic entity is considered as theoretically immortal, capable of regenerating itself in full in order to indefinitely reinitiate its cycles of life, in the manner of reverse metamorphoses. The film proposes to envisage the cycle of life of the medusa as a theoretical concept, a speculative condition or a form of prophecy.

This abstraction allows the author Dominique Koch to bring closer this aporetic concept of a loop without end – at once dynamic and static – and the perpetual movements of production and destruction inherent to capitalism unwrapped by the philosophers Maurizio Lazzarato and Franco “Bifo” Berardi during conversations that serve as a narrative base of the film. 

Content drawn from widely differing areas of research converges on the instant of its mediation, creating unlikely encounters but also are revealing urgent concerns that normally pass unnoticed amid the ceaseless flow of information.

The film and its narrative also seem to highlight the necessity of reoccupying language and creating a new vocabulary as a possible agent of change and emancipation.

jellyfish immortality cell genetics regeneration capitalism economics war data philosophy politics language lab