Science New Wave Festival XVI

The 16th Annual Science New Wave Festival takes place in New York city from October 20-27, 2023.

Many programs of the festival will available for streaming on our platform with the Science New Wave Pass during the festival period.

The 64 selected films are in competition for the Science New Wave Awards.

About our festival theme (art)ificial:

(art)ificial explores the art of the human while it acknowledges the limits of the human and the violence of its diverse art forms. What are the many forms of artificiality we humans conduct? (art)ificial is not about the artificial 'intelligent' simulations but the actual doings of human - to nature and to ourselves. By providing a counter-narrative to the assumed connotation that artificial entails under the very present wave of artificial intelligence, this year's film festival highlights the vast range of artificial modes of creation, including human intervention, intrusion of land, as well as the incoming technologies humanity develops with and through machines to highlight the very presence of the human in affected ecosystems.

Imagine Science Films


Leandro Listorti Argentina, Germany 2022


Maisha Maene The Democratic Republic of Congo 2022


Sofia Alaoui France, Morocco, Qatar 2022

Cyborg: A Documentary

Carey Born United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Spain 2023

Croma Kid

Pablo Chea Dominican Republic 2022


Lawrence Lek United Kingdom 2022