2022 | France, Morocco, Qatar | Fiction


  • French, Arabic, Berber 91 mins
  • Director | Sofia Alaoui
  • Writer | Sofia Alaoui
  • Producer | Margaux Lorier, Toufik Ayadi, Christophe Barral

This film is currently not available.   

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Heavily pregnant Itto looks forward to a day of peace and quiet when she gets her affluent household mostly to herself after her husband Amine goes away on business. She’s quickly lost sight of her modest origins and has adapted to her new family’s detached opulence. But when a mysterious state of emergency is declared nationwide, Itto struggles to find help; meanwhile, increasingly ominous events and strange weather phenomena suggest a supernatural presence is nearing. While frantically searching for a way back to Amine, Itto unexpectedly finds emancipation and the possibility of solace in a new world order.

Sofia's astonishing feature debut is an imaginative sci-fi that explores the unsettling circumstances of a world that no longer seems recognizable. With a hypnotic visual sensibility, Animalia explores the tension between faith and purpose, eroding myths and challenging class prejudice to expose the ways we are all more connected than we know.

peace quiet faith mysterious emergency weather phenomena struggle tension purpose