2022 | Dominican Republic | Feature

Croma Kid

  • Spanish English 2 mins
  • Director | Pablo Chea
  • Writer | Pablo Chea, Israel Cardenas
  • Producer | Rafael Elias Munoz, Laura Amelia Guzman, Israel Cardenas

This film is currently not available.   

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Like many 13-year-olds, Emi is a little embarrassed by his mildly quirky parents and grandfather – sometimes he wishes they were bankers like ordinary people instead of magicians preparing to launch Croma Kid, their own TV show. Having grown up with a TV studio in the basement, Emi is a total tech-head and very well-versed in all the hottest audio-visual technology that 1993 has to offer. One day, while he’s messing around with the chroma key machine that creates the effects of the magic show, it breaks. In his attempt to replace it, Emi comes across a device that just happens to open portals to other dimensions – and winds up transporting Mum and Dad somewhere else in the multiverse. Now, Emi has to put all his gearhead skills to use and do some manipulation of the past to bring them home.

grandfather TV show parents retro chroma tech dimensions portal device audio-visual magic