2023 | United States | Documentary


  • 14 mins
  • Director | Elizabeth Unger

This film is currently not available.   

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BATSIES is a short, experimental doc that examines a woman’s tender relationship with an animal that’s quintessentially feared and loathed – the bat.

Our protagonists, Sara Weaver and Sarah Fritts, are best friends and high-level bat researchers at Texas State University. These ladies have a wicked sense of humor, they curse like sailors, they’re covered in tattoos, and consider themselves outliers within a male-dominated field.

We follow their journey as they conduct cutting-edge bat research throughout rural Texas. Wind turbines are killing off bats at alarming rates, and Weaver and Fritts are working on the front lines to figure out why.

The scientific community understands just how critical this research is: Bats save billions of dollars in agriculture costs by consuming insects that feed on crops. Regardless of their economic value, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in deep public stigma towards bats that is now worse than ever.

We will interweave these ladies’ research efforts, quirky friendship, and shared bat obsession throughout the film. BATSIES will serve a fresh take on saving a creature that’s considered the ultimate outcast.

tattoo journey rural Texas bat