October 2022 Issue

In our October issue, we celebrate the marvelous and haunting microscopic world, providing our spectactors with flashes of what is seen beyond the naked eye. For a few seconds or hours, we cross the barriers of the visible and enter into the micro, nano and atomic scales. Eavesdrop on the the finite structure and dynamic process inside living cells. Join the part of tiny worms dance clustering together in a glistening red fluorescent petri dish, reminiscent of a 1980s discotheque. Listen to the the pulsating cells dividing in unison, delightful precise as a ballet where our performers with their extended arms, heels together, toes pointed outwards to the side. Shiny, textured butterfly scales evoke pointillism art where tiny dots come together to create larger images and meaning. How do scientists and artists decide to creatively intepret Gulliver-esque adventures by slowing or accelerating time or adding an ambient score, that hits an emotional chord or a distant memory. Cinemicro for your eyes (and ears). This issue acts as an accompaniment to the 15th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival (Oct 14-21).