Multicolor two-photon imaging and SHG imaging during early stages of zebrafish embryo development

  • 00:00:14
  • By Chiara Stringari


Time-lapse, multicolor two-photon imaging and SHG imaging from the four-cell stage can track cell division during embryo development. Images are acquired every 2 minutes. Images of merged blue, green, red channels and SHG in white. Raw data visualized with ImageJ software.

This video ïs part of the following publication:

"Multicolor two-photon imaging of endogenous fluorophores in living tissues by wavelength mixing." Stringari C, Abdeladim L, Malkinson G, Mahou P, Solinas X, Lamarre I, Brizion S, Galey JB, Supatto W, Legouis R, Pena AM, Beaurepaire E. Sci Rep. 2017 Jun 19;7(1):3792. - Link to article

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