Being An Island

April 2021 Issue

What does it mean to be an island? What does it mean to live on one? Labocine’s April issue explores the notion of “island” and invites us to reflect on the many wonders that islands and island life present, from rich resources to diverse cultures and traditions which might be under threat in the wake of industrialization and globalization. From Greenland to Nauru to Ellis Island, the notion of island may evoke a plethora of memories, ideas and emotions. As different and far away as they may seem from one another, islands are defined by the very same boundary imposed by nature: water. Being an Island explores the land and water alike, and all forms of life that thrive on islands.

Curated by Ozge Calafato

Abu Dhabi

Miraflor Santos United Arab Emirates 2015

My Haggan Dream

Laura Sams Rob Sams Northern Mariana Islands, United States 2016


Ian Harnarine Trinidad, United States 2018


G Anthony Svatek United States, New Zealand 2017

WANTOKS: Dance of resilience in Melanesia

Iara Lee Solomon Islands, United States, Bulgaria 2019


Craig Norris Canada, Tanzania, 2017

Lampedusa In Winter

Jakob Brossmann Austria, Italy, Switzerland 2015

Island Of The Hungry Ghosts

Gabrielle Brady Australia, Germany, United Kingdom 2018