2017 | Iceland | Documentary,Short

Afforesting Iceland

  • English English, Icelandic, Italian, German, Czech 5 mins
  • Director | Ewa Hermanowicz
  • Writer | Ewa Hermanowicz
  • Producer | Ewa Hermanowicz

This film is currently not available.   

Has Iceland always been a treeless land? Can any forests grow on this island of glaciers and volcanos? The film responds to these questions by telling a story of the forestry in Iceland. It explains why considering the genetic aspects of seeds, cuttings and seedlings is key for resilient forests in the times of changing climate.

You can read more about the afforestation in Iceland here : http://www.euforgen.org/about-us/news/news-detail/regreening-iceland/

forest climate tree environment ecology genetics