2008 | Japan | Fiction,Experimental,Feature

Nikotoko Island

  • 47 mins
  • Director | Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura
  • Writer | Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura
  • Producer | Takuya Dairiki, Takashi Miura

This film is currently not available.   

Dairiki, Kei and Miura got aboard a ship. They talk as they look at the sea and play all whole night. They arrive at an island the following day. They continue their conversation as they walk around the rocky mountains and fores on the island. They see a stone that resembles a human face, an inhabitant in the depths of the sea, a human turn into a fruit. Among these mysterious incidents, Dairiki, Kei and Miura just keep walking. In an unexpected turn of events, Dairiki dies from an unknown cause. After fretting about his death, Kei and Miura cremate Dairiki. Then Kei and Miura start walking around the island again together.

Island journey death human ship sea