2019 | Solomon Islands, United States, Bulgaria | Documentary

WANTOKS: Dance of resilience in Melanesia

  • English, French English 20 mins
  • Director | Iara Lee

This film is currently not available.   

In 2018 the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific, hosted the Melanesian Arts & Cultural Festival, celebrating the country’s 40th anniversary of independence. On neighboring island states, the struggle for freedom continues, as West Papua resists Indonesian occupation and the residents of New Caledonia still live under French rule. In all Melanesian countries, residents face the common challenge of climate change, as rising sea levels threaten to swallow both land and tradition. In this charged context, captivating performers are using their talents to celebrate local culture and draw international attention to their islands’ plight, with the hope of spurring international solidarity and prompting collective action against the perils of a warming world.

resistance culture art melanesian climate-change enviroment dance festival