2015 | Italy | Documentary,Experimental


  • Italian English 27 mins
  • Director | Francesco Mattuzzi, Renato Rinaldi
  • Writer | Francesco Mattuzzi, Renato Rinaldi

This film is currently not available.   

What was once a simple, Spartan hut in wood and metal sheeting, designed to shelter passing climbers, has today become a cutting edge structure. New forms of architecture high in the mountains seek a strong relationship with the landscape, deliberately contrasting with the environment, to the extent that the new refuges look like submarines, spaceships or the fuselage of airplanes. The film follows the planning of an alpine station that was to become the highest Eco-Hotel in the world, but also a ‘viewing machine’ capable of shaping the gaze of its guests.

The central idea of the film is a relation between high quote architectures and hard nature as gym to studies in a kind of scenarios. All the film follow the construction of an architecture on a mount Elbrus in Caucasus at 4500mt and the sensation to watch through this building. All the process was a real challenge for architects and constructer. 

architecture nature design mountain landscape travel eye window gaze vision future