Infrastructural Beings

June 2024 Issue

This film series centers on the vital interconnections that form our built environments, from imposing giants to the often intangible elements that shape our landscapes and mediate our daily lives. In the age of the Anthropocene, these 'infrastructural beings'—networks of human and non-human spatialized materialities—appear as outsized mosaics, born out of decimation and extraction, some abandoned and others taking shape. They reflect not only the sheer accumulation of concrete, cables, and conduits, and the excavation of the earth in pursuit of energy, but also collective and ruptured histories, subjectivities, and politics.

From dozens of countries and vantage points, filmmakers in this series explore infrastructure through experimentation and research, science fiction, large productions, video art, dance, animation, and architectural renderings. Its a diversity that captures the vastness of infrastructure—its elusive, subjective impacts, meanings, and practices, and its global patterns and shared identities.

Curated by Veronica Jacome

The Lanthanide Series

Erin Espelie United States, France, United Kingdom 2014


Nate Dorr United States 2021

Meanwhile On Earth

Carl Olsson Sweden, Denmark, Estonia 2020

City Of The Sun

Rati Oneli Georgia, United States, Qatar, Netherlands 2017

Taste Of Cement

Ziad Kalthoum Germany, Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar 2017