2013 | Canada, Bangladesh | Documentary,Experimental

Deep Weather

  • English English 11 mins
  • Director | Ursula Biemann
  • Writer | Ursula Biemann
  • Producer | Ursula Biemann

This film is currently not available.   

Water and oil form the undercurrents of all narrations as they activate profound changes in the planetary ecology. After the oil peak, ever dirtier, remote and deeper layers of fossil resources are being accessed. Aerial recording of the devastated crust in Alberta opens the view into dark lubricant geologies. Climate change, exasperated by projects such as the Canadian tar sands, puts the life of large world populations in danger. Melting Himalayan ice fields, rising planetary sea levels, and extreme weather events increasingly impose an amphibian lifestyle on the Bangladeshi population. Gigantic machine-less efforts are made by communities to build protective mud embankments in the delta where large parts will soon be submerged and water is declared the territory of citizenship.

oil climate environment water energy resource flood weather anthropocene