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Seeing Colours in an Oil Slick
Kevin Gaffney
Alcohol interacting with immersion oil & supravital stains under a microscope at 40x
Nick Viana
Darkened Horizons
Karen Aqua, Ken Field
Deep Weather
Ursula Biemann
Karim Niazi
Memory of the Peace
Jean Parsons, Jennifer Chiu
Deep Time
Noah Hutton
Water Warriors
Michael Premo
Orang Rimba: People of the Forest
Isaac Kerlow
Sequence Sago
Daniel Grossman, Rebecca Grossman
Hind's Dream
Suzannah Mirghani
Take One - Iteration
Sandro Bocci
Grayson Cooke
Ex Nihilo
Sophie Rautenbach
Not a Very Green Revolution
Chintan Gohil
Acoustic Ocean
Ursula Biemann
Rodents of Unusual Size
Chris Metzler, Jeff Springer, Quinn Costello
William Henne, Delphine Renard
Guardians of the Earth
Filip Antoni Malinowski
How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change
Josh Fox