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Welcome to the Anthropocene
Loïc Fontimpe
Horror Vaccui
Matteo Zamagni
Becoming Animal
Emma Davie
Peter Mettler
The Fall
Boris Labbé
It has to be lived once and dreamed twice
Rainer Kohlberger
The Lilac Game
Emma Piper-Burket
Coves of Bodies
Hirofumi Nakamoto
Malena Szlam
Fabula Rasa (Parades)
Sarah Arnold
Guests from the Riverside
Hirofumi Nakamoto
Carolina Charry Quintero
Grayson Cooke
Los Mimos Monarcas (The Monarch Mimes)
Alexis Gambis
Homo Sapiens
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
In a Few Years Everything Will Be Different
Julie Engaas
Who's Afraid of Ideology? Part 1
Marwa Arsanios
Akosua Adoma Owusu
A Toad Story (Kunsten å leggje seg paddeflat)
Are Pilskog
Wild Plants
Nicolas Humbert
Fluorescent Hill
The Lanthanide Series
Erin Espelie
In Search of Lost Future
Luis Quevedo
Alfonso Par
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Jari Kallio
Jaakko Pallasvuo
nebel (fog)
Nicole Vögele
El Buzo (The Diver)
Esteban Arrangoiz
Butte’s Berkeley Pit: New Life Emerges from its Toxic Waters
Anna Sagatov
Dusk Chorus (based on Fragments of Extinction)
David Monacchi
Nika Šaravanja
Alessandro D’Emilia
Ben Rivers
A Festival of Seed
Jason Taylor
Chintan Gohil
Arrábida – There is Only One Earth
Tinne Zenner
Kaltes Tal
Johannes Krell
Florian Fischer
Karim Niazi
Astrid Goldsmith
The Pyramidical Science
Anders Elsrud Hultgreen
The Weight of Mountains
Temujin Doran
Season of Wonder
Lisa Crafts
Ulu Braun
Roman Kälin
Florian Wittmann
Falko Paeper
Konstantina Kotzamani
Une Terre Familière
Marianna Milhorat
Symphony no. 42
Réka Bucsi
Deep Weather
Ursula Biemann
Simulation Beach
Edward Kihn
Grayson Cooke
Landscapes & Language of the Anthropocene
Landscapes & Language of the Anthropocene
Erin Espelie28 June 2017
Tales of Extinction
Tales of Extinction
Özge Calafato1 December 2017
A New Wave of Climate Change Cinematography
A New Wave of Climate Change Cinematography
Christina Lu13 June 2017
Winners of the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
Winners of the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
Christina Lu29 October 2017