Letters from the Field

April 2018 Issue

Two weeks ago the sun crossed the celestial equator from southern to northern hemisphere. For those in the north, this means days longer than nights, warmer temperatures, deeper thaw, migrations, fresh growth -- all those signifiers collected under the word "spring". At Labocine, we too turn towards the shifting seasons and head outdoors. It's time to get out of the lab, a time to launch new field projects and investigate the natural world. Across forest, jungle, or tundra, plunging into biomes and observing agricultural issues. For those south of the equator, flip all of those signs: fall is upon us but we can still look back over the growing seasons of the last six months. Either way, this is chance to check in with all of those lifeforms living among and besides us across the globe.

Wild Plants

Nicolas Humbert Switzerland, Germany 2016