Electric Visions

September 2022 Issue

Our September issue is electric! “Electric Visions” explores the underlying currents that power on and off our landscapes and that course through the minutia of everyday life. What exactly is this physical phenomenon – “flows of electrons”? And does it even flow? How do powerfully inconspicuous charges shape the visible and invisible worlds we inhabit? How do we capture the electric essence with its multitude of forms? This issue sets out to explore these questions, and uses animation, fiction, and documentary hi-lights to showcase electrically charged experiences of our physical and social world. With currents beaming through our cells, we forge our memories and plan our future selves. With electric potentials we set our lives in motion, extend our waking hours, and put machines to work. And for every electron that supports a chaotic and flourishing life exists those that bound us – that bring comfort in warm glows or anguish from authoritarian light. In this issue we explore the interplay between past and future, light and dark, silence and noise, and chaos and order that mark our electrical world. Co-curated by Alexis Gambis and Veronica Jacome