October 2023 Issue

The October Issue (art)ificial is a prelude to and expands into the veins of this year’s Science New Wave Festival XVI presented by Imagine Science Films.

The lens of artificiality surrounds us through the hybrid formations from nature we create and sense, research, and might become consequential results of our actions. From brute-forcing solutions through AI to intervention on land through flower strips or waste, this month’s issue explores our evolving relationship with the artificial and humane technologies that create and destroy us. This month’s issue offers a deep listening to industrial modernity through the (art)ificial gaze.

Don't miss the Science New Wave Festival XVI that runs for 8 days in New York from October 20 to 27 and includes 64 films (see overall selection in our SNW XVI Playlist) from over 30 countries. With the Science New Wave Pass, you will be available to attend the festival both virtually and in-person (NYC).


Alexandra Karelina Russian Federation 2022


Brian Zahm United States 2021

Metallic Silk

Madison McClintock Lao People's Democratic Republic 2023