2023 | United States | Fiction

Red Earth

  • 66 mins
  • Director | Georg Adrian Koszulinski

This film is currently not available.   

'Red Earth opens up a magic theater of ideas, writ very very large... courageous camerawork mobilizing a zero-gravity matrix of environmental (no-)futures and post-planetary angst... Koszulinski's epic allegory parlays astonishing cinematography, future "testimonials," and resonant tropes from sci-fi and speculative fiction, to set spinning—both centrifugally and centripetally—a Spiral Galaxy of propositions about livable worlds and so-called homo sapiens. ' -Craig Baldwin, Other Cinema

Red Earth imagines a world in the late Anthropocene, where large parts of Earth have become inhospitable to life. The story follows three generations of Martians, from the first colonists to the first expedition to return to an Earth decimated by interplanetary war.

Earth environmental future Galaxy war fiction