2021 | Finland | Documentary

Under Control

  • 18 mins
  • Director | Ville Koskinen
  • Writer | Ville Koskinen
  • Producer | Ville Koskinen, Uljana Brezgina

This film is currently not available.   

Under Control shows human action from the insect's level. The botanical garden is an artificial nature-like installation where each room has its own microclimate. Despite  human attempts to control the environment, pests are spreading and eating the plants all over the garden. The gardeners are fighting against the pests with cryptobugs; thousands of ladybirds that are specially bred for killing and imported from abroad. But since cryptobugs alone don’t solve the problem, the gardeners have to rely on the help of an exterminator who kills the pests as well as all the other insects with poisons. As the remedies get harsher, the bystanders will have to face the consequences.

nature ecology environment insects humans pest control